Sanhedrin 53 - Who is Stoned

Following is the procedure for those who are strangled: they would submerge him in manure up to his knees, to prevent jumping and to shorten the agony. They would place a hard scarf inside a soft one and wind it around his neck. One witness pulls toward himself and the other witness pulls to himself, until his souls departs.

The following are executed by stoning: one who cohabits with his mother, or with his father's wife, or with his daughter-in-law, or with a male, or with an animal, or a woman who brings an animal upon herself, a blasphemer, one who serves idols, one who desecrates the Sabbath, one who curses his mother or father using the Name of God, one who cohabits with a betrothed young girl, a subverter of an entire city, a sorcerer, and a wayward and rebellious son.

Art: James McNeill Whistler- The Artist's Mother