Sanhedrin 41 - Warning Given to the Murderer

The judges asked the witnesses specific questions about the murder: "Did you recognize the victim?", "Did you warn the murderer?" - The witnesses are asked if the accused acknowledged in their presence that he is forbidden to do the action he was performing.

"Did he accept the warning upon himself?" - The offender must be apprised of the particular form of execution he will suffer if he commits the prohibited act. Furthermore, he is not executed unless he declares that he plans to do the action, even though he knows that doing so will result in his execution.

"Did he kill within as much time as needed to say a greeting of peace to one's teacher?" - If he commits the offense after this period has elapsed, he avoids punishment, since perhaps in the interim he has forgotten the warning.

Art: Edouard Manet - The Execution of the Emperor Maximilian