Sanhedrin 39 - Questions about Torah and Jews

Caesar said to Rabbi Tanchum, "Come, let us become one nation." Rabbi Tanchum replied, "Fine! However, we, who are circumcised, cannot become like you. You therefore circumcise yourself and become like us." Caesar said, "You argued well. But whoever bests the king must be thrown into the pen of wild beasts." They threw Rabbi Tanchum into the pen, but the beasts did not eat him. A certain Sadducee said to Caesar, "The reason the beasts did not eat him is that they are not hungry." They threw the Sadducee to the beasts, and they ate him.

A certain heretic said to Rabbi Avina, " Who is like Your people, Israel, one nation in the land... ?" But what is unique about them, " All the nations are like nothing before Him... " - and you are included! Rabbi Avina answered, "Your prophet, Bilaam, has testified about us, ... And among nations you are not counted ."

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