Sanhedrin 38 - Know What to Answer a Heretic

Said Rabbi Eliezer: "Be diligent in the study of Torah and know what to answer a heretic," so that you can answer the challenges that are based on Scripture. Said Rabbi Yochanan, "That is only with regard to a pagan heretic, but as for a Jewish heretic, do not debate him, for he will become even more heretical."

Continued Rabbi Yochanan, "Wherever the heretics have used a verse in Scripture as support for their arguments, the rebuttal can be found in a nearby verse." For example, it is written " Let us (plural) make man in our (plural) image ..." But the next verse says, " God created man in His image ..." Then why is the plural form used at all? To show that The Holy One, Blessed is He, never does anything unless He first consults with the Heavenly Court.

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