Sanhedrin 37 - One Should Say, "The World Was Created for my Sake"

When witnesses would come to court to testify that someone transgressed a capital offense, they would be admonished in order to discourage them from testifying falsely: "Perhaps you will say your testimony based on conjecture or hearsay, or as witnesses repeating testimony from another witnesses, even though that other witness is a trustworthy person. Perhaps you do not realize that we will eventually examine you with inquiries and questions. Know that capital cases are not like monetary cases: in monetary cases a person may pay back the money he unjustly caused someone to loose and receive atonement, but in capital cases, the blood of the accused and the blood of his descendants are the witness' responsibility until eternity."

Therefore the first man was created alone, and also so that everyone should say, "For my sake the world was created" - and he should be careful not to bring about his downfall by committing a transgression. Now, perhaps you will say, "What need have we for all this trouble?" - If you were a witness and saw the event, you must testify .  And perhaps you will say, "What need have we to incur responsibility for this man's blood?" - be secure, for " ...when the wicked perish there is joy ."

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