Sanhedrin 20 - Privileges of a King

The triumph of self-control of Joseph was modest compared to that of Boaz, for " In the middle of the night Boaz was startled, he turned (וילפת), and there was Ruth lying at this feet ." The word "turned (וילפת)" tells that his flesh became as hard as the head of a turnip (לפת). Palti ben Layish was even greater, for he never touched Michal whom Shaul had given him. Why then did he cry when returning her to David ? Because of the loss of the opportunity to exercise willpower.

When his close relative dies, the king does not join the funeral procession. When they feed him the mourner's meal, all the people recline on the floor, and the king sits on a chair of distinction. He may lead his army to fight a discretionary war, with the consent of the Sanhedrin. He may break the fences to make path for himself.

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