Sanhedrin 113 - The Three Keys

Holy Scriptures, found in the subverted city, are to be buried. However, Rabbi Eliezer says that they should have been burned together with other property, and since this is not allowed, any city that has at least one mezuzah cannot be judged as subverted city.

Yehoshua said, " Cursed be the man before Hashem, who rises up and builds this city, Jericho. With his oldest son he will lay its foundation and with his youngest son he will set up its gates ." Chiel, a close friend of King Ahab, rebuilt the city, and the curse was fulfilled in him. Elijah came to console him, and Ahab asked if he thought the curse of Joshua was the cause. Ellijah confirmed. Then Ahab said that Moses had cursed everybody who worhsips idols with drought, and that he has established an idol on every hill, but in Israel there was an abundance of rain.

Elijah immediately decreed a drought, and God granted it to him. Elijah had to run away to the desert, where ravens brought him bread and meat, and he drank from a brook. Eventually the brook dried out, and Elijah was commanded to go live in Tsarfat. When the son of his hostess died, Elijah wanted to revive him, but God said, "I have three keys - from childbirth, rain, and resurrection. It is not proper for Me to have one, and for you - two. Elijah had to give up the key to rain, and drought ended.

Rabbi Yose called Elijah an irascible person. Elijah hid from him for three days. When Ellijah came, Rabbi Yose asked, "why were you hiding?" Elijah answered - "You called me irascible!" Rabbi Yose said, "So you are irascible again!"

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