Sanhedrin 110 - Not to Persist in Quarrel

" A wise woman builds her house " - this is the wife of On son of Pelet, who advised her husband to disassociate from Korach, then sat at the entrance to his tent, making sure they don't call him. "... but the foolish one destroys it with her own hands " - this is the wife of Korach, who instigated her husband to quarrel against Moses. Therefore, the commandment "don't be like Korach" teaches that one should not persist in quarrel.

" The sons of Korach did not die " means that a place was set for them in Gehinnom, where they sat and recited God's praise for their salvation. Rabbah bar bar Chanah tells the following story:

I was one walking on the road, and an Arab merchant told me, "Come, and I will show you the site of the swallowing of Korach's assembly." He then went and showed two cracks in the ground which smoked. He took a ball of wool shearings, soaked it in water, put it on the head of a spear, and passed the spear over the cracks, and the wool was singed. Then the Arab told him to listen, and he heard, "Moses and his Torah are true, and they (we) are liars"

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