Sanhedrin 106 - Balaam's Advice, Doeg's Learning

Balaam gave the following advice to the Moabites, "The God of these (Jews) hates immorality. Furthermore, I know that they have a penchant for linen garments they used to have in Egypt. Therefore, set tents and place harlots in them, an older one outside and a younger one inside."

When the Jews would eat and drink and be merry and go out shopping, the older harlot would say to them, "I have linen garments outside and even better and cheaper ones inside." After a few visits, the younger harlot would tell him, "You are like a member of the family. Choose from our merchandise for yourself, and have a glass of Ammonite wine (same as used by the daughters of Lot)." Once he drank, passion would burn in him, and he would say to her, "Yield yourself to me!" She would produce an idol from her bosom and tell him, "Worship this!" If he refused, she said, "All we ask is that you defecate in front of him." The Jew would do it, not knowing that this was the normal manner of worship.

The learning of Doeg was so great that he knew all the cases of the added and deleted letters in the Torah, all the logic in the Torah, and three hundred laws about a tower which floats in the air. The reason for his downfall was his envy, which led him to malign King David.

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