Sanhedrin 104 - The Importance of Giving People Food and Drink

Michah made an idol that many Jews worshiped , but he is not mentioned as not having a share in the World to Come. Why? Because his bread was always available for wayfarers.

As a reward for Jethro's saying, " Call him (Moses) and let him eat bread ", Jethro's descendants merited to be members of the Sanhedrin.

If only Jonathan had escorted David with two loaves of bread , the people of Nov would not have been killed, Doeg would not been banished from the World to Come, and Saul and his three sons would not have been killed. 

The sins of the kings of Judah led Jerusalem's destruction, as described in the Book of Lamentations, which starts with " How does she (Jerusalem) sits in solitude! " Why was the word "How" (Eicha) used to describe Israel's fallen state? Because the numerical value of Eicha is thirty-six, and the Jews transgressed all thirty-six sins mentioned in the Torah that carry the penalty of excision. Furthermore, the Book of Lamentations is arranged in the alphabetical order, because they violated the entire Torah, from the first to the last letter of the alphabet.

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