Sanhedrin 103 - Menasheh's Repentance

Rabbi Yochanan said, "Whoever says that Menasheh has no portion in the World to Come weakens the resolve of potential penitents" - since Menasheh repented for the last thirty-three years of his life. To accept Menasheh's repentance, God made a secret tunnel in the firmament, to hide this from the Attribute of Justice.

Of the things that the bad Jewish kings used to do, Menasheh scratched out the names of God from Torah scrolls and replaced them with different pagan deities, he also tore down the altar in the Temple; Amon burned the Torah and prohibited the bringing of sacrifice. Menasheh had relations with his sister, but Amon had relations with his mother, as it states, " Amon did ever more evil ." His mother asked him, "Can you have any pleasure from the source from which you issued?" He answered, "Am I doing this for any purpose other than to vex my Creator?"

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