Rosh Hashanah 6 - A promise to charity is immediate

Earlier we saw that the phrase "do not be late in paying" applies to many kinds of promises , including charity. However, charity has a special aspect to it. Whereas a promised sacrifice needs to be brought before one, two, or more Holidays pass - depending upon which opinion you follow - the obligation to give charity takes effect immediately, and one violates the "do not delay" prohibition by not paying. Why is that? Simply because the obligation to bring a sacrifice is active only when there is a chance to do so, but poor people are found at all times. It is thus not related to any occasion or Festival.

What about an heir, does he acquire the "do not delay" obligation from his parent, to bring a sacrifice that he father has designated? On the one hand, the Torah said "when you promise," and the heir did not make a promise. On the other hand, it also said, "you will bring," and perhaps this does include the heir. Rabbi Chiya offered an answer: "God will require it from you," - which means to tell us, "from you, but not from your heir." The heir thus does not acquire the parent's obligation.

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