Rosh Hashanah 34 - How important is the shofar?

If one heard the nine required sounds of the shofar in the interval of nine hours, one sound an hour, he has nevertheless fulfilled his obligation. There is no requirement for them to be adjacent to each other. However, if he heard them simultaneously from nine people, he has not fulfilled his obligation, because he could not heard each sound clearly.

It is better to be with those who know how to blow the shofar than with those who know how to pray. For example, if in one city they blow the shofar but do not know the prayers, and in another city they say the prayers but do not blow the shofar, he should go to the first city.

But this rule seems obvious, why did the teacher have to state it? The shofar is mentioned in the Torah, and prayer is the decree of the Sages, who do not have the same authority as the Torah!? - The rule above had to be stated, because it is true even if it is doubtful if they will blow the shofar - he still has to go there.

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