Rosh Hashanah 32 - The prayers of Rosh Hashanah

The prayers of Rosh Hashanah mention three major themes: Kingship - acknowledgement that God is King; Remembrances - God remembers the good deeds of the Patriarchs and of humanity; and Shofarot - mentions of the shofar throughout history. Every theme is expressed by ten phrases. When these are said, we also blow the shofar. However, in many cases they defer the blowing of the shofar to the later parts of the prayer, in order not to disturb the concentration of the people.

There is a rule that mitzvot must be perform early and without delay. How can they delay the blowing of the shofar, which is the mitzvah of the day for Rosh Hashanah? - There was once a government decree against blowing the shofar, and it was delayed, not to arouse suspicion. It was kept in place later, out of concern that a similar decree might happen again.

With all the importance of the shofar, one may not do the following in order to bring it on Rosh Hashanah: bring it from afar, ride a horse, dig it up from the rubble, nor swim in water for it. One may clean it with water or wine though. If a child wants to play the shofar, not only he is not stopped, but they help him learn, even on Shabbat.

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