Rosh Hashanah 27 - How did they blow the shofar in the Temple

On Rosh Hashanah they used a straight shofar, its mouth plated with gold, with two trumpet blowers standing by the sides. Why straight? - To symbolize that on that day the man should be honest and straightforward. Others, however, say that it should be bent, to symbolize submission and humility. By contrast, on public fast days the two trumpets were placed in the center, and shofars, their mouths plates with silver, were on their sides. The trumpets blew longer notes, and the sound of the shofar was short, because on a fast day the trumpet was the main sound.

There were times when authorities prohibited the blowing of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah. This gave rise to the following question: what happens when one blows the shofar in a cave? - If he hears the sound of the shofar itself, without the accompanying echo, it works, but if he hears the echo - it is not valid. Similarly, if one passes by the synagogue when they blow the shofar there - and he listens with attention - it counts for him. And the one who blows the shofar should have everyone in mind.

Art: An Officer Blowing a Trumpet By Anthonie Palamedesz