Pesachim 114 - Surprise

The first cup of wine at the Seder is for Kiddush. First he blesses the day and then the wine, since the day (Passover) is the whole reason for the Kiddush - these are the words of Beit Shammai. However, Beit Hillel say that he blesses the wine first and then the day - since without the wine Kiddush cannot be said at all.

Then they bring out a small piece of vegetable, in our case, of lettuce. Even though the same lettuce will later serve for him as "bitter herbs," now he eats it just as an appetizer, and to surprise his young children. Then they bring matzah, bitter herbs and two cooked dishes. The two dishes serve to remind that in the Temple times there were two sacrifices: the Passover lamb and the "chagigah," the festival offering.

Art: Portrait of Artist's Children by Jan Matejko