Niddah 40 - Caesarean

Caesarean (in Hebrew literally  "one that exits through the wall") refers to a fetus removed through an incision in the mother's abdominal wall. Although women often did not survive these operations in ancient times, our ruling will discuss a case in which the mother was healed.

If a child was delivered by caesarean, the normal counts of the day of ritual impurity after birth, followed by a period of purity, do not apply, neither is the mother obligated to bring a sacrifice - that is the opinion of the Sages. However, Rabbi Shimon says that this child is like a child born in the normal manner, and its mother is subject to all the usual childbirth laws. What are their proofs?

The proof of the Sages is from the phrase, " When a woman conceives and gives birth to a boy ..." This implies that the rules that follow will apply only to a case when she gives birth from the place where she conceived. Rabbi Shimon, however, bases his proof on the phrase that follows, " If she gives birth to a girl ." The words "gives birth" are extra, and they include caesarean.

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