Niddah 12 - Overtures

Shmuel elucidated the previous ruling about checks : it was only taught in regard to ritual purity of sacrificial foods; however, the couple can engage in relations without such checks. Rabbi Zeira inquired, "Can she be more stringent and examine herself anyway?" Ravi Yehudah answered, "No." Rabbi Zeira asked, "But what would be wrong if she does, out of piety?" Rav Yehudah answered, "No, she should not, because it may put a strain on the relationship."

Donkey drivers and itinerant workers, as well as those who return from the house of mourning or the house of feasting (a wedding), when they come back after a period of absence, can be with their wives without asking them about their purity status - provided that they left them in the state of purity. Why is that? Couldn't it be otherwise? - Since the husband comes after a period of absence, he will make prolonged overtures to his wive, and this will lead the wife to recall if she is forbidden to have relations with him.

Rav Kahana wanted to know if that was indeed the law. He asked the wives of two Sages, Rav Pappa and Rav Huna, "Do your husbands require you to make an examination, after they come home on Fridays after a week of teaching in the study hall?" and they answered, "No." Why didn't he ask the husbands themselves? - Because they would tell him the actual law, but not the personal stringency, if they had one, while the wives would not be so careful about keeping the private stringency secret."

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