Nedarim 85 - I am not giving anything to Kohanim and Levites!

If a man makes a vow prohibiting to the Kohanim and to the Levites to benefit from his property, he achieves nothing. After he separates from his crop those tithes that are due to them - he does not own them any longer. Therefore, they can take tithes against his will. Even though normally he can choose which Kohen or Levy to give it to, and even accept a small tip for it, now that he forbade this produce to them anyway, he has no right to this tip either. Thus, he is not providing them with any benefit whatsoever.

However, if he specified which Kohanim or Levites he is vowing against, they indeed cannot take his tithes. Others should come and take that.

If a woman is upset with her husband and makes a vow that the product of her work will be forbidden to him, the vow does not take effect - because he is entitled to this product. However, Rabbi Akiva says that he better revoke it anyway: she might make more than required, and that would actually be forbidden to him. Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri gives another reason for annulling such vow: what if he divorces her? - Not being able to revoke the vow now, he would be unable to re-marry her.

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