Nedarim 73 - I annul your vows - whatever they are!

Earlier we learned that knowledgeable people annulled their brides' vows, whatever they were. This seems to indicate that a vow can be annulled even without hearing what it is. However, this is not really so. Perhaps the rule means that the husband inquires about every vow, and then annuls it.

Let us try to approach this question from another side. A deaf husband cannot annul the vows of his wife, because " and the husband hears ..." cannot be fulfilled. Does it mean that a regular husband also needs to hear the vow? - Perhaps not: a deaf husband cannot hear at all, that is why " and the husband hears ..." is impossible, so he cannot annul. However, if he can hear, then maybe actual hearing is not required.

Once the groom marries his wife under the huppah, he alone, and not her father, has a veto power for her vows. What if he is supposed to make a wedding feast but delays it. He is already obligated in her support, so maybe he can annul the vows - or maybe, since he is not fully married, he cannot? - This question also is not resolved because related rules can be interpreted both as supporting or disproving this fact.

Art: Preparing The Wedding Veil by Frederic Wenz