Nedarim 41 - Moral lessons from Rav Ami

Rabbi Ami was quoted earlier, so we continue with his teachings. When the Torah says, " Because you did not serve God when you had everything and lacked nothing, now you will serve your enemies in hunger and cold and nakedness... without anything ," what does "without anything" mean, what does it add? - Without a wife, since then he is without joy, without blessing, without goodness, without Torah, protection, assistance, atonement, peace, and life, and is considered only half-man.

Others say that it means without assistant, others - without understanding. One who is born with understanding has everything within him, but one who is born without it should work hard to achieve it. If he mastered it, what does he lack? And if he did not achieve understanding, what has he acquired?

Rav Yosef got sick and forgot his learning. His student Abaye would often remind him, "This is what you taught us, and you derived it from here."

Rabbi Yehudah the Prince, who compiled and wrote down the Mishnah, initially had thirteen complete versions of it. He taught seven of these to Rabbi Chiya. Later he got sick and forgot the other six. However, there was a certain laundryman, who heard Rabbi Yehudah repeat them out loud, so now he taught these back. Rabbi Yehudah then said, "You made me!" - for anyone who teaches a fellow Torah is as if he made him, just like Abraham and Sarah, who " made souls in Charan ."

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