Nazir 9 - Nazir who did not like figs

If one says, "I am a nazir so that I cannot eat figs" - this is a strange statement.being a nazir means specifically to abstain from grapes, nothing else. However, Beit Shammai say that he does become a nazir nevertheless. How so? People usually do not make nonsensical statements. This one probably wanted to become a nazir, but then added that he really meant figs. He could have made a mistake, thinking that there is a such thing. Or, he really could have changed his mind and was preparing a loophole for himself. But the problem is that Beit Shammai do not accept the idea of changing one's mind when it comes to Temple-related things. So either way he becomes a nazir.

What about Beit Hillel? They say that the man is not a nazir. He made a statement, true, but it was not a valid legal statement of becoming a nazir. So it did not take effect at all.

Art: Melon And Bowl Of Figs by Gustave Caillebotte