Nazir 66 - Is it better to bless or to be blessed?

About Samuel the prophet it says that a razor ("morah") will not pass over his hair . This means that he was a nazir, just like Simeon, about whom the same is said. This is the opinion of Rabbi Nehorai.

However, Rabbi Yose translates the word "morah" as fear and says that fear of man would never be upon Samuel. To this Rabbi Nehorai replies that Samuel was afraid once, when he said, " What if the king hears and kills me?? " The answer of Rabbi Nehorai is not given here.

The same Sages agree on something else though. Rabbi Yose says that the one who responds with "Amen" (which signals his agreement to the blessing) is greater than the one who says the blessing. Rabbi Nehorai said, "By Heaven, so it is! Look at a battle: regular soldiers starts, but champions seal the battle." And yet, there is another Sage who disagrees and says that one should rush to say the blessing first, because he is then blessed from Heaven first, - and afterwards the one who answers "Amen" receives the same reward (but not greater).

And talking about battles, Sages through their Torah study increase peace in the world, since their war of arguments substitutes for the physical conflict.

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