Nazir 61 - Who can become a nazir?

A Jewish man can become a nazir, but a non-Jew cannot. Also, a Jewish woman can become a nazir (nazirah), and one can even force his slave to become a nazir.

All three rules above are not obvious. Why is it that a non-Jew cannot become a nazir? - Because the Torah said, " Speak to the sons of Israel " but not to other peoples. However, this cannot be a proof, because later the Torah uses the term "man," which should mean, "any man." In fact, a non-Jew can bring sacrifices in the Temple, so why can't he be a nazir?

Perhaps it is because a nazir is not allowed to bury even his father, and maybe for a non-Jew it is different? - Can't be, because laws of inheritance, applicable to all people, include inheriting from the father. Or perhaps it is because a nazir should avoid impurity, and a non-Jew, since he does not go to the Temple and does not have the concept of impurity, cannot be a nazir? - No, that is not convincing either: perhaps he does have a concept of impurity, just that he gets no punishment for being impure!?

The Talmud tries a few more attempts, but concludes that this rule is impossible to prove. Rabbi Yochanan summarized: this is a law told by God directly to Moses, and not written anywhere in the Torah.

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