Nazir 43 - How to get multiple punishments

If a nazir is warned not to drink wine, and then he drinks all day, he is liable only for the first drink. However, if before every drink they warn him again, then he is liable (to lashes) for each separate act.

Similarly, if they tell him not to become ritually impure by coming in contact with a dead body, and he does it nevertheless, he is liable only once, but if they keep warning him before each act, he is liable multiple times.

But how can one be liable for ritual impurity more than once? Once he is impure - that's it, and he cannot become any more impure than this!? - He can achieve it by coming into a house where there is a dead body (for this is a separate prohibition), and then actually becoming impure.

However, this is geometrically impossible. If his nose comes in first, then he is already impure, but has not completely come into the house. And if he leans back, so that his nose is in line with his body, then his toe comes in first!

We can invent a solution: he should come in while in a big box, since big boxes protect from impurity. And then somebody must remove a roof of his box. For this, he really does get punished twice - provided that he assists in removing the roof, for otherwise it is not he but the one who removed the roof would be to blame. Thus, we found an answer.

Art: Peasants Drinking In A Tavern by Jan Miense  Molenaer