Nazir 30 - Father's money

If a father was a nazir, separated some money to bring the concluding sacrifices, and then died - his son can declare, "I am a nazir, and I will use my father's money for MY concluding sacrifices." Normally, you cannot re-use someone else's sacrifice, but in this special case you can.

Granted, this rule was taught by God to Moses on Sinai, and has not been recorded in the Torah. But what is its logic? Is it an exception to all rules, or does it work as inheritance? And if you say that a daughter would not share in the inheritance anyway - then what if the man has only one daughter, can she become a nazir (naziah) and use her father's money? The rule above tells us that only a son can do so.

And yet we can ask another question. If there are many sons, do they equally share in this money? If one of the sons is a firstborn, does he get the double portion? And furthermore, is this rule true only for a regular nazir? What about lifetime nazir or a Samson-like nazir? - To all these questions, the Sages did not find an answer.

Art: Maria Riezler-White grandaughter of the artist by Max Liebermann