Me'ilah 30 - Temple Morning (Tamid)

After the Kohanim enter the Chamber of Hewn Stone, the appointed Kohen tells them, "Come and cast lots for the services: Who slaughters the morning daily offering? Who throws its blood on the Altar? Who clears the ashes of the Inner Altar? Who clears the ash from the Menorah? Who brings the limbs of the morning offering to the ramp of the Altar?"

The Kohanim cast lots by each raising a finger and counting, and one on whom the count would end would get the first service, while the other Kohanim to his right would get the rest. The bringing of the limbs to the ramp, together with libations, required nine Kohanim, and larger sacrifices required more.

The appointed Kohen would tell them, "Go out and see if the time for slaughtering the morning offering has arrived." If it had, the observer says, "Dawn!" To prevent a possible error, they restate, "Has the entire eastern sky lit up?" and the observer says, "Yes!"

The would go and bring a lamb from the Chamber of the Lambs, and give it to drink from a golden up. The would offer it, and proceed with the other services. Some of the sounds of the Temple were heard as far as Jericho.

Art: Dwight William Tryon - Dawn