Me'ilah 21 - Money From The Wrong Bag

If one said to his agent, "Bring me money from an alcove or from the bag," and he meant that alcove or bag that contained his private money, but the agent brought it from another bag, with the money of the Temple, he has committed misappropriation. Actually, he is a Temple treasurer, just like before , and he will commit it when he uses the money. However, if he said, "from an alcove," and the agent brought money from the bag, then the agent commits misappropriation, since deviated from the instruction.

If one sends an agent to a store, unintentionally giving him money of the Temple, but then recalls that it was consecrated money, then, to spare the store-owner the unwitting transgression, he should take his own perutah (small coin) and say, "The perutah of the Temple, wherever it maybe is hereby deconsecrated on upon this perutah."

Art: Ernst Graner - The General Store Vienna