Me'ila 13 - Eggs And Milk

Milks of sacrificial animals, and eggs of turtledoves - there is not misappropriation for them: since they are not fit for the Altar, they are not considered as "holies of God." However, the Sages decreed not to use them. That is true for actual sacrifices, but something consecrated to the Temple's treasury, which cannot be brought on the Altar itself - like chicken or she-donkey - their eggs and milk are subject to misappropriation prohibition.

The offspring of the tithe animal may not be allowed to suckle from its mothers - because the mother is a sacrifices; therefore, others would donate milk for it. The same was true for any consecrated animal. Workers may not eat of the dried figs of the Temple with which they work. Even though normally it is their right to eat fruit while harvesting, and the owner violates a mitzvah if he stops them, it does not apply to the Temple, since the Torah said, "The harvest of your fellow," not of Temple. Similarly, a cow may not eat what it is threshing for the Temple, but must be muzzled.

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