Makkot 21 - Tattoo; Nazir Who Drinks Wine All Day

To be liable for lashes for making a tattoo, one has to perform both steps: puncturing the skin and filling the holes with ink. Rabbi Shimon's opinion is that one is only liable if he tattoos the name of an idol.

If a nazir was drinking wine all day, he receives only one set of lashes, following the first warning in the morning. If they kept warning him, and he kept drinking, he is liable for each warning. Similarly, if he was in the cemetery all day, he receives one set of lashes, but if they warned him against every entry, he is liable every time. If he was shaving his head all day, he is liable once, but if they warned him about every hair, he is liable every time.

There is a case where one plows a single furrow and is liable for eight prohibitions: if he plows with an ox and a donkey, and they are consecrated, and he covers mixed species in a vineyard, and he does so on a Sabbatical years and on a Yom Tov; and he is both a Kohen and a nazir, plowing in a cemetery.

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