Ketubot 90 - Serial marriages and divorces

If a woman comes to court with two Get and two Ketubah documents, we assume that things were just as she describes: her husband married her, divorced, then re-married, and wrote a new Ketubah. She collects two payments.

However, if she produces two Ketubah documents but only one Get, we assume that they are from one marriage, but he simply wrote for her another Ketubah. She collects only one. Finally, if she has two Get documents from him but only one Ketubah, he must have married (and divorced) her again, but anybody who re-marries his wife relies on the original Ketubah, so she again collects only one payment.

If one was married to two wives and died, and did not leave enough to pay both, then the Ketubah of the first way has priority over the the Ketubah of the second. If the wives, in their turn, died before collecting their Ketubah payments, then the heirs of the first wife have priority over the heirs of the second one.

Art: Husband and Wife by Lorenzo Lotto