Ketubot 61 - On the danger of some foods

We mentioned that if the wife brings enough maidservants or wealth as her dowry , she does not have to do any work, but can "sit in an easy chair." However, it is still advisable for her to prepare his wine, spread his bed, and assist with his washing of his hands, feet and face, because these are the signs of endearment - this was the advice of Rav Yitchak bar Chananiya.

He also added that these exact three things the wife should not do when she is a niddah - in order not to endear him too much. However, she can do them with a change or when not in front of him.

Rabbi Yitchak ben Chananiya also said that a waiter who is serving food must be allowed to try some of it, and this refers to meat that gives off a good odor and to pungent wine - or else the waiter will suffer from craving. Others say that this refers to all savory foods. There was a righteous man who would give the waiter from every course - and Elijah the Project would speak to him, while another righteous man only gave from one, and from the rest- after the meal, and with him Elijah would not talk.

There was once a Roman who wanted to marry a certain woman, but she refused. He started eating pomegranates in front of her, and as she was swallowing the saliva produced by her desire of it, she finally became all bloated. He made her promise that if he cures her, she will marry him. Then he brought more pomegranates and started eating these, saying "All saliva that causes you discomfort, spit it out, spit it out!" She did so, until something like a green palm leaf shot out of her, and she became healed.

Art: Pomegranates by John Singer Sargent