Ketubot 29 - Rapist

If one violates a young virgin girl and is caught while doing this, he has to pay a fine of 50 silver shekels (equal to a normal dowry, or approximately $25,000). He is also liable to regular damages for assault: pain, humiliation and depreciation. Furthermore, if she and her father so desire, he must marry her and may never divorce her against her will.

This law applies primary to a young girl who just became a bat mitzvah (12 years) and thus an adult, but has not become a more grown-up (12 ½ years). If he rapes a girl who is a mamzer and whom he is prohibited to marry, the penalty still applies. It also applies to all who were converted or ransomed before they were three years of age.

Similarly, if one violates girls who are prohibited to him on the pain of karet (being cut off from the people) - such as his sister, brother's wife divorced before chuppah, or a niddah - the penalty is the same.

Art: Young Girl Reading By Hendricus Jacobus Burger