Ketubot 107 - The husband went on a trip, leaving his wife penniless

Imagine that the husband went on a trip, leaving his wife penniless - or, at least, this is what she claims. In this case, she comes to court, asking the court to start selling the husband's property, to provide for her support.

One of the two judges whom we mentioned above as promulgating beneficial decrees , by the name of Chanan,  ruled that she will have to swear afterwards, when she comes to collect her Ketubah payment. However, right now she does not have to swear about her claim and is provided with sustenance. Others disagreed, but Chanan's law was accepted.

But in general, do we really provide for sustenance by selling the estate? - If he left not on good terms, we can believe that he left her nothing. But normally, does a man leave his house empty? - For these reasons, Shmuel ruled that the court does not give her sustenance. What about the ruling of Chanan? Even those who disagreed with Chanan only argued about an oath, but not about sustenance, can we assume that Shmuel is wrong? - No, Shmuel will tell you that Chanan was talking about a special case where there is a rumor that the husband died. Then we can give her sustenance, but not in the normal case.

Rav, however, disagreed with Shmuel: there is no reason to suspect the wife, and sustenance is given her, even including money for fragrances.

Art: In the estate by Boris Kustodiev