Keritot 9 - One Sacrifice For Many Mistakes

The usual rule is that one brings sacrifices only for mistakes, not for willful transgressions. However, there are cases when one brings an offering for intentional acts, such as relations with a slavewoman designated for another, a nazir who went to the cemetery, and one who swore a false oath of testimony.

Similarly, usually one bring a separate offering for each transgression, but there are cases where one offerings covers all, such as relations with a slavewoman designated for another and nazir who went to the cemetery multiple times.

Rabbi Chanina asked Rabbi Yochanan, "If one has relations with multiple slaveswomen in one period of forgetting that this is not allowed, how many sacrifices does he bring?" Rabbi Yochanan answered, "Five." Rabbi Chanina continued, "How is this different from five separate cohabitations with one slavewoman, for which one brings only one offering?" Rabbi Yochanan answered, "It is five different bodies." Rabbi Chanina asked, "What is the source for this rule?" Rabbi Yochanan answered, "... and she is a slavewoman " is an extra word, which teaches the additional liability.

If a jealous husband warns his wife not to seclude herself with many specific man, and she secludes herself with each one, he brings only one barley offering in the Temple.

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