Keritot 4 - One Who Eats Fat

Some fat of domestic animals is prohibited to be eaten - we learned this a while back in Chullin . Moreover, one who eats this fatĀ  runs the risk of being cut off from his spiritual source .

Since the Torah said, " Any fat (chelev) of ox, sheep, or goat you shall not eat " and mentioned each animal category separately, one who eats all of these fats needs to bring a sacrifice for each one - this is the opinion of Rabbi Ishmael. The Sages disagree and say that he only needs to bring one sin offering for all. What is the reason for their disagreement? We can say that they argue about this exact principle: since the Torah gave a general prohibition (any fat), accompanied by details, then Rabbi Ishmael says that one is liable for every specific details, while the Sages say that one is only liable for the general prohibition.

In the same phrase where the Torah prohibited eating the internal fat (which is normally sacrificed), it also prohibited consuming blood: " No fat or blood shall you eat ." However, these is a rule that a punishment cannot be administered unless there is both the prohibition and the punishment specified. Where is the punishment for eating blood? - In the phrase, " Blood is the life-force... whoever eats it will be spiritually cut off ."

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