Keritot 24 - Offering Of Uncertainty - When There Is No Uncertainty Anymore

If one was bringing an offering of uncertainty, and meanwhile it was discovered that he did not sin - the animal goes out and grazes with the flock - so says Rabbi Meir. We can understand that: his consecration was in error and is now annulled. However, the Sages say that the animal is a sacrifice, and has to be redeemed once it gets a blemish: since the owner of the sacrifice was worried about his transgression, his sacrifice was brought because of his worry, not because of a certain transgression, and thus the animal is indeed a sacrifice. Now he doesn't need the sacrifice - but the redemption is still required.

If the uncertainty became clarified after the animals was slaughtered but before its blood was thrown on the Altar, the sacrifice becomes invalid. Its blood is poured out, and its meat is burned in the place where other invalid offerings are burned.

If the uncertainty became clarified after the blood was thrown, the situation is reversed: the sacrifice is completely valid, since it atoned for a doubt that existed when it was brought, and its meat is eaten.

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