Keritot 18 - Can One Donate An Offering Of Uncertainty Every Day?

An offering of uncertainty is brought when one suspect that he has committed an act which makes him liable to be cut off from his spiritual source. They reported about Bava ben Buta that he wanted to bring an offering of uncertainty every day - except after Yom Kippur, where his chances of accidental transgression were too small. Bava ben Buta himself said, "By the Temple! I would bring an offering of uncertainty even after Yom Kuppur, but the Sages tell me to wait until I come into a genuine situation of doubt." Nevertheless, Rabbi Eliezer does allow one to bring an offering of uncertainty every day.

When is this relevant? Consider the following situation. If there were two pieces of fat, and a Jew came along and ate the first one, and then an idolater came and ate the second one, the Jew is liable to an offering of uncertainty. If two Jews each ate a piece, then they tell to the second, "Please bring an offering of uncertainty, for otherwise your fellow will have to bring a sin-offering." Who could have authored this rule? Only Rabbi Eliezer, who allows a voluntary offering of uncertainty.

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