Keritot 11 - The Differences Between A Slavewoman And Other Women

The laws of a slavewoman designated for another differ in many ways from the laws of other forbidden women. For example, for mistaken relations with all other women one brings a sin-offering, but for a slavewoman he brings a guilt-offering. Incidentally, sin-offering is always a female sheep, and guilt-offering is a male ram.

Usually, both transgressing parties have equal liability, for example, both bring a sacrifice. In the case of relations with a slavewoman, the man is liable for a sacrifice, whether he acted intentionally or by mistake; she, on the other hand, is only liable if she was warned not to do it and nevertheless immediately proceeded with the act, in which case she is liable to lashes. Usually, one is liable for each and every act of cohabitation, but with the slavewoman he brings one sacrifice for all acts. Normally, one is liable whether he performs the "beginning of cohabitation" (genital contact, and some say, insertion of the corona), or the "complete act" (full penetration), but in the case of a slavewoman one is only liable for the complete act. Normally, if one of the partners was sleeping, only the awake one is liable, but in the case of a slavewoman, if one of the partners was sleeping, none is liable.

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