Horayot 9 - Who Brings What Sacrifice

For any commandment in the Torah, for the violation of which one is liable to excision if done on purpose, and to a sin-offering, if done by mistake, the actual sacrifice is different. An individual brings a she-lamb or a she-goat as his sin-offering, also called an "offering for a mistake." The leader of the nation brings a he-goat, the anointed High Priest and the court bring a bull.

If the transgression was that of idol worship, an individual, the leader, and the anointed priest bring a she-goat, whereas the court brings a bull and a he-goat. The bull as completely burned on the Altar, and the goat is a sin-offering, which is partially eaten by the priests.

If one violated a commandment, resulting in a guilt-offering, and furthermore if he is in doubt about this, both an and a leader of the community bring a "doubtful guilt-offering," but the anointed priest and the court are exempt. Regarding a definite guilt-offering, an individual, the leader, and the priest are liable, but the court is exempt.

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