Horayot 12 - Good Omens

Anointing a king at a spring is a good omen for his kingdom to last. On the subject of good omens, if one wants to know if he will live out the year or not, he should kindle a lamp during the ten days between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, in a house where no wind blows. If the light continues to burn for as long as there is oil in the lamp, we know that he will live out the year.

If one wants to undertake a business venture and wants to know if it will be successful or not, let him raise a rooster for the sake of that business venture and let him see: if the rooster grows plump and fine, it is a good omen that he will be successful.

If one wants to go out on the road and wants to know if he will return home safely or not, let him stand in a dark house. If he sees a shadow of his shadow, know that he will return home successfully.

And it is not a wise thing for one to do, for if the omen is negative, he may become distressed, and his luck might indeed take a turn for the worst. For this reason, the omens are formulated to consider only the good outcome.

Art: Ferdinand Loyen Du Puigaudeau - Chinese Shadows, the Rabbit