Chullin 85 - Covering the Blood in Cases of Unfit Slaughter

Rav Eina gave an authoritative discourse and said that one who slaughters for a dangerously sick person on Shabbat should also cover the bird's blood. Rabbah was stupefied and said, "Even circumcision is allowed on Shabbat only for clear-cut cases, and not for doubtful ones, surely covering the blood should not be allowed!" But he was refuted from the laws of shofar blowing.

If one slaughters a wild animal or a bird, but it is found to be terefah , then Rabbi Meir requires him to cover the blood, but the Sages exempt him. Why do the Sages exempt him? Because it is unfit slaughter, and it is not called slaughter at all. But this is Rabbi Shimon ! Then why is he called "Sages" here, but back then in discussing the laws of "it and its offspring" he is called Rabbi Shimon, and there Rabbi Meir is called the Sages? That is because Rabbi Yehudah the Prince, the compiler of the Mishnah, agreed with Rabbi Shimon here, but agreed with his opponent, Rabbi Meir, over there. By ascribing an opinion to "the Sages" Rabbi Yehudah was indicating what he thought the law should be.

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