Chullin 75 - Calf of a Slaughtered Cow: Disagreements and Final Law

Rabbi Yochanan and Resh Lakish further disagree about the calf of the slaughtered pregnant cow. If its mother became ritually impure, is the calf considered part of her, with the same impurity as her, or is it an independent being simply touching her, which results in less impurity? Further, that fat which normally goes on the Altar and is thus prohibited for consumption in the case of other animals, is it considered permitted meat in the case of the calf, since all of it is permitted?

Rabbi Shimon Shezuri made a statement: the calf of a slaughtered cow, even when it is five years old and is plowing in the field, is still permitted through the shechitah of its mother and may be killed in any way and eaten. But we've been saying this all along!? - Actually, the Sages have prohibited this as soon its feet touch the ground, and have put the requirement of a regular shechitah back, because otherwise people watching it may decide that shechitah is never required. Rabbi Shimon Shezuri says that the Sages made no such decree.

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