Chullin 65 - Grasshoppers

If a bird flocks with other kosher birds, it is kosher , and if with non-kosher type, then it is non-kosher - this is the opinion of Rabbi Eliezer. However, the Sages say that this is only true if it also resembles them. If "according to its type" is not written in the Torah with the regard to this non-kosher type, then all agree that the bird that flocks with this non-kosher type may still be kosher.

To be kosher, a grasshopper must have the following signs: four walking legs, four wings, two jumping legs, and its wings must cover the its greater part. Rabbi Yose says, "Its name must be 'chagav', or grasshopper."

The school of Rabbi Ishmael derives, from the additional words in the Torah, that grasshoppers with a bold head, with an elongated head, and with a tail are also kosher.

Art: Balthasar Van Der Ast - Carnations, a parrot tulip, a grasshopper and a lizard on a ledge