Chullin 6 - Truly Righteous Do Not Accidentally Eat Forbidden Foods

Once Rabbi Shimon ben Elazar was sent by Rabbi Meir to bring wine from some Cutheans (Samaritans). On his way, a certain elder (some say, prophet Elijah) told him, " Put a knife to your jaw, if you are man of spirit ." Upon hearing this, Rabbi Meir declared the wine of Cutheans prohibited, because some Cutheans were discovered to be idol worshipers, and to Rabbi Meir even a minor probability of transgression was significant.

Later, Rabbi Yochanan drank their wine. Did he not hear about Rabbi Meir's decree, or did he not agree to it? Based on the rule that the righteous do not accidentally eat forbidden foods, we can deduce that he knew about it, but did not agree to it.

Rabbi Zeira and Rav Assi were served roasted eggs mixed with wine, and Rabbi Zeira did not eat them, because he suspected that tithes were not separated from the wine. However, seeing that Rav Assi ate the food, he reasoned that the righteous do not accidentally eat forbidden food, searched the stores of his knowledge and found that one should not worry about doubtful tithes when they are served in a mixture.

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