Chullin 55 - No Spleen, No Kidneys, The Animal Is Still Kosher

If the spleen was removed the animal remains kosher. Rav Avira explained that this was only said when the spleen was removed entirely, but if it was punctured, the animal is terefah - since the puncture causes great pain and illness in the body.

If the kidneys were removed the animal remains kosher. However, Rachish bar Pappa said that if the animal was diseased in even one kidney, it is a terefah.

The animal remains kosher if the lower jaw was removed. However, this is only true if it can be kept alive by human intervention of stuffing and pushing food into its throat. An animal whose uterus was removed remains kosher. One whose lung shriveled because of some fright of natural events, such as thunder and lightning, remains kosher, but not if it was scared of human. A flayed animal - Rabbi Meir declared it kosher, and the Sages sais that it is terefah, and later Rabbi Meir agreed to the opinion of the Sages.

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