Chullin 133 - Which Kohen Gets the Gifts

The kohanic gifts, such as the foreleg, must be eaten roasted and with mustard, like kings usually eat, since the Torah gave them "for greatness." Alternatively, one eats them in any manner he likes, again, like kings. Rav Chisda said, "Any kohen who does not know the laws of all twenty-four kohanic gifts (like the one just stated) is not given the gifts." But we learned that any kohen who does not accept the kohanic services should not be given gifts, so his acceptance is the criteria, not his knowledge?! - With this, Rav Chisda is disproved.

Abaye, who was a kohen, said, "At first I would grab the gifts, to show love for the mitzva. Once I learned the phrase 'the owner will give', I understood that it is improper to grab, and started asking for them instead. After I learned that the sons of Shmuel 'turned aside after monetary gain' by asking for their portion, I would only take if given. When I learned about the Bread of Vision that the discreet kohanim would withdraw their hands, and only gluttons took, I do not even take, except on the day before Yom Kippur, to remind the people that I am a kohen."

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