Chullin 128 - Why Argue About a Dangling Limb?

Normally, food can become ritually impure only if it has ever previously been wet. Can the act of slaughter be considered as making the meat wet and thus ready for ritual impurity? Consider the case of a dangling limb . The slaughter of an animal prepares its dangling limb for food impurity - that is the opinion of Rabbi Meir, but Rabbi Shimon disagrees. There are six possible reasons for their disagreement.

1. Can the animal itself be considered a handle for the dangling limb? If it can, it prepares the limb for impurity.
2. Since one cannot lift the animal by its dangling limb, are they considered really connected? If yes, slaughter prepares for impurity.
3. All agree that a handle transmits impurity, but does it also transmit preparation for impurity?
4. At the time of the slaughtered nobody planned to eat the prohibited limb, and afterwards they decided to feed it to someone who disregards the prohibition. Is this effective?
5. If only the last moment of the cut accomplished slaughters, then wiping blood on the limb during slaughtered does not prepare it.
6. If the blood does not touch the limb, is it still considered as if it did?

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