Chullin 127 - "Dangling" Limb and Flesh

A "limb" consists of meat, sinews, and bones, whereas "flesh" is meat without sinews and bones. When these are completely severed from a living animal, both are forbidden to be eaten. The difference between them is that the limb is a source of impurity which it can transmit to others, while the flesh is only food, albeit forbidden, so it can receive impurity but does not generate it.

If a limb or flesh is mostly severed from an animal but not completely, they are called "dangling." In this state, they are ready to receive the food impurity, however, as with all foods, they must first be "prepared" for it by becoming wet. If the animal is then slaughtered, the blood of the slaughtered is considered to have prepared them, even if it did not touch them.

If the animal dies without kosher slaughter, the dangling limb or flesh are considered to have been separated from it a moment prior to the animal's death. Consequently, the flesh received no impurity from the carcass, having had no contact with it, while the limb is prohibited as a limb from a live animal.

Art: Pieter Gysels- Still Life with Vegetables, Meat, Fruit and Game