Chullin 104 - Meat Cooked in Milk

The Torah said, " You shall not cook a kid in its mother's milk ." Since it repeated this again  and again , then only only cooking, but eating such mixture or selling it is also prohibited. At this the Torah prohibition stops. For example, eating cold meat with cold milk would be allowed. However, the Sages extended the prohibition with safeguards. Thus the rule: all kinds of meat should not be cooked with milk, except for the meat of fish and locusts. It is also forbidden to serve meat and milk or cheese on the table together.

Beit Shammai allows to place chicken and cheese on the same table, provided that they are not eaten together. Rabbi Yose says that this is one of the unusual leniences of Beit Shammai over Beit Hillel. In truth, Rabbi Yose is the author of this complete ruling, but initially it was taught anonimously. When the teacher learned who was its author, he added Rabbi Yose's name, because one who transmits a teaching in the name of the one who said it saves the world - just as Esther did when she told the king about a plot against him in the name of Mordechai.

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